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*screaming into the void*
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  Ricky sat as his desk and stared at the board. High school was the most boring thing he had ever experienced. All they ever did was work, work, work. He just wished it were more exiting, like in the movies he liked to watch. Shaking himself out of his daydream, he looked around the room. Sitting across from him was Rebecca Summer, the most beautiful girl in the school. Her long black hair, creamy brown skin and gorgeous and full lips were all he ever wanted. She was everything he ever needed. He would do ANYTHING for her. He often dreamed of their wedding, him in a shiny, black tux and her in a long flowing gown, accented with rhinestones and lace. It was perfect. But, that was jus a fantasy, a dream. This was real life, she was miles and miles out of his league, she never even looked at him. Why would Rebecca even consider dating him? "No" he thought. He couldn't think like that, maybe one day she will notice him. And maybe even take some interest in him. While he was thinking the bell rang and shook him awake.
"Well, goodbye Mrs. Dawn!" He said as he quickly left the room, maybe he could catch up to Rebecca in the halls and talk to her.  

   As he rushed through the halls looking for Rebecca, he bumped into a large boy with scruffy, red hair, knocking all of his books to the ground.
"Ah! I'm sorry! Let me get those for you!" He said, intimidated by the towering figure. As he started to pick up the books he felt a sharp pain in his side. He fell over in pain and looked up, the boy he'd bumped into was furious.
"Hey! You're that twitchy retard who makes goo goo eyes at Rebecca!' His deep voice bellowed, the sheer tone of his voice shook Ricky.
"Huh- I I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me!" Ricky's voice was squeaky and he shuddered.
"You're sorry huh? Whatever you creep! I bet you have posters of her in you room huh? You're disgusting!" He yelled and began to kick Ricky in the ribs so hard that he began to cough up blood. Ricky couldn't see anymore, everything was red. The sticky substance began to pool around his head and as he began to black out he saw a group of teachers dragging the red haired boy away from him, looking down at him with great concern. Then all went black. He couldn't think, he couldn't feel. Everything was just black.

    As Ricky slowly opened his eyes, the school nurse stared down at him.
"Oh, You're awake. How are you feeling, Rick?" Her voice was monotone, Ricky could tell she really diddnt care. He diddnt say anything, he could feel bandages around his ribs. But, something was wrong. He sat up and the nurse scoffed and walked across the room and started to fiddle with some papers. Ricky scanned the nurses office to see a sharp pair of scissors resting near him. He slowly stood up and grabbed them, and began to observe them. They were so shiny and sharp, they were perfect to test his hypothesis. Without a second though, he drove the pair of scissors into his arm. And.. he felt.. nothing.
"So, I was right.." He said, his voice now gruff. The nurse turned to look at him and screamed.
"Rick? Why did you hurt yourself with those scissors?! We need to bandage you up right now!" She yelled as she began to walk towards him. But Ricky stood up abruptly, his head hanging down, stopping the nurse in her tracks.
"No, don't worry lady nurse, it diddnt hurt" He spoke, his head still hanging.
"N-no, Rick this is serious, pleas jus-" Her voice wavered and she was interrupted by Ricky. His head shot up with a wicked smile across his face.
"No! I said it diddnt hurt!" His teeth had began to form into points as he erupted in rage. His eyes began to glow a faint yellow and he began to step towards the nurse, who was too afraid to speak. 

   He quickly ripped the scissors out of his arm and raised them to his neck.
"Would you care if I did it? Lady Nurse? I doubt it." He growled and drove the scissors into her hand. She screamed in pain and her assistant ran into the room. Seeing her boss being attacked by the crazed child, she rushed to the nurses side to aid her. While she was distracted helping the Nurse, Ricky grabbed the scissors and busted out of the office. He frantically ran through the campus, covered in blood, looking for an exit. A security guard blocked the school entrance, so Ricky made a break for the balcony. He crashed through the balcony doors and launched on to the railing. It was so high up, there's no way he'd survive the drop. He was about to back down from the railing until he heard a strange voice in his head.
"J u m p  o r  d I e" The voice said. Well, it wasn't mush of a voice, as it was a deep feeling in his gut. Every muscle in his body screamed "jump or die jump or die jump or die jump or die". His body practically moved on its own, launching itself off the balcony as a security guard shot at him. Ricky prepared to hit the ground, but it never came. He wasn't on the cold concrete of his school campus, he was in a soft bed of fallen leaves. As Ricky stood up he realized he was in a forest. His eyes glowed and his teeth had fully sharpened. The voice spoke again. "H u n t".


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Hi hi hi!! Im Fredrick! (u can call me Fred)
Foxy is the best animatronic :D

Im a wolf with quite the attitude and I am 100%


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